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Herbal Remedies

Pre-requisites for Treatments

Here are some points that should be fulfilled by Applicants to experience more proficient Ayurvedic Treatments. So that Each Beneficiary will get full advantage of Nature’s Healing power that has summated in Ayurveda .

  • Strictly Stay away from addictions for atleast 3 weeks before taking treatments

  • Daily following the Diet plans & Lifestyle planned by ayurvedic Doctors

  • Keep Aside the previous concepts about Ayurveda & don’t try to compare other concepts like Tibetan, Chinese medicines with Ayurveda as every stream has its own principles & mode of action

  • If anyone had history of major illness then it is recommended do carry your previous investigations report or at least the names of medicines that had been taken during that period.

  • Before taking any kind of treatment, know your specific body constitution one day before actual treatment. 

These are pre-requisites for undergoing Ayurvedic Treatments so that you will experience the more vigorous benefits of Ayurveda & will get boon to live healthy & happy life.

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